Welcome to the gateway site of a number of my interests. I am just now figuring out WordPress, so this page should be taking shape over the next couple of months.

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You may email me at rich-at-richpotter

Performing Artist

Rich Potter, Juggling Comic

www.RichPotter.NET – comedy juggler has performed since 1982 in circuses, festivals, and colleges. He has been seen in 26 different countries, on Late Show with David Letterman and at the Vice Presidential Mansion.

Bert The Nerd Thrill Show

His family-friendly Bert the Nerd Thrill Show delights audiences young and old all over the world. He has been seen at The Harman Hall,  National Theater, and The Kennedy Center.

Clown Cabaret

Rich also co-produces Clown Cabaret, Washington DC’s only regular clown-only theater. Shows on second Mondays 8PM

God: The One-Man Show
God: The One-Man Show

In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light,” but first! … join His Greatness, moments before The Big Bang, and he’ll perform miracles for your entertainment in this irreverent prequel to “The Bible.”

Visual Art

Awful Cute Art

Paintings, T-shirt art, cartoons, comic books www.AwfulCute.com

To see his full 365 paintings, it’s currently easier to view at Facebook. Blog postings about the first two months, which will soon be migrating here.

He is on a neverending quest to find out who “borrowed” the painting entitled “2AM,” right, from his last art show.

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