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013 Trees, WW1, and Ketchup

A walk in the woods with nothing to say delves into trees, poetry, WWI, world culinary and etymological history, and a fart joke.


011 Renaissance Man of Fortunes

This time Rich explores an ongoing gig, working as a frontman for a fortune telling booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Looking at crowd work, salesmanship, and the dilemma between the art and the mission.

007 Labor of Love

This time, Rich is tired, semi-coherent, and is barely vertical. On the plus side, it’s the shortest podcast to date. Tune in next week when he’s more awake.

Recorded while walking down the double yellow lines down the middle of his neighborhood’s main road at midnight. A couple edits were to remove the sound of two moving cars encountered during the recording.

Action podcast!

006 A Walk on the Beach

Come enjoy a moderately amusing unscripted stroll down a Mid-Atlantic American beach with Rich, as he talks, stream of consciousness, giving voice to his rampant ADD.

I did get *almost* through the entire podcast without using any “Explicit Content” words (Apple gets very indignant if you use “grown-up” words and don’t label “Explicit Content”). Well, around minute 13, I had to edit out a “shit.” But since you’ve just experienced it here, you won’t miss it in the podcast.

Happy “Wednesday!” So it’s a day late. I’m on vacation!

The Space Race

Looking into the space race, in the timeline between Sputnik and the first moon landing, and our silly, silly nuclear sabre rattling.

The podcast says “a couple days late.” I made it a full week, just to release on a Wednesday. You’re welcome.