Get punched into productivity

I tend to do better when other people suggest something cool and new, or echo one of my ideas, making its value greater than my other ideas that only I have liked.

So I’m still trying to figure out what this blog is about. It might seem aimless, but stick around; I might learn something.

Are you stepping forward or standing still? Even one baby step in the right direction is closer to your goal! What baby step can you take to get started? Do it now! Not because you want to — do it because I told you to! We can work on self-motivation later! Post your results in comments, if you dare! 🙂

So far, I’ve been writing what I wish someone else would write for me, and that’s in the area of productivity. I’ve been told I give great advice, but I realize I suck at taking it myself.

Recently I wrote about the necessary sucking you have to get through on your path to success. So I guess I have to start taking my own advice, suck at it, and eventually suck less at it.

My afflicted mind is often a cluttered jumble of dozens, if not hundreds of ideas/directions to go in. It becomes a kind of white noise. When someone outside my head suggests something, the novelty often fuels my motor. The human brain is attuned to novelty; the ADD/ADHD brain is especially drawn to novelty, whether it’s a shiny pretty thing, an adrenaline rush, or an impending deadline. Today, I found a shiny, pretty thing: an outside (novel) message that spoke above my normal noise:

Marie Forleo interviewing Stephen Pressfield (Legend of Bagger Vance) about his books on creative success. I hope you can take the HUGE time commitment of a half hour (even the first 10 minutes could be helpful!)

The interview, which says your creativity and opportunities really take off when you engage yourself in it daily. I should know this after my 365 paintings in a year project, but creative exhaustion and procrastination set in. This interview is a great punch in the crotch to get restarted with a daily practice, to create something every day. Sorry if the “punch” metaphor sounds painful. Sometimes a punch in the arm, or even punch in the gut isn’t enough to get my attention.


Do you need a punch in the crotch? Find a novel source of inspiration outside yourself in the next 60 seconds, and act on it today. 

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