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Hello, New York!

So, about 3 months ago, The Wife and I packed up our cats and moved to Brooklyn, NY, after nearly a lifetime in Maryland.

Rich next to grafitti reading, "The Rich Killed NYC"
I didn’t do it!

Three months. And I’m still unpacking. But then, we were in the house in Maryland for 24 years and I never fully unpacked there either, so…

My first act as a New Yorker was to rent a storage locker.

The Wife and I refer to it — not as something cute like “the shed,” or “the garage,” or “the attic,” but rather, “The Saviour.” Without it, we’d be crucified (or at least squashed akimbo) by all the plastic tubs full of our worldly, semi-useful belongings. As it is, I’m struggling to find wall in my tiny apartment office (which a couple New York friends have called “palatial.”) And our previous house was tiny, by suburban Maryland standards.

Since moving, I’ve been knocking on doors, meeting people, buying coffees, and exploring shows and venues. I’ve done some performing, including some traveling back to Maryland for extant gigs.

In Big Apple, however I’m gathering much information about what opportunities exist in this city of 8.6 million people, but there’s still a few fire hoses to drink from. Probably the most notable work I’ve done is a number of dates with The National Circus Project, teaching circus skills to children. Not the end goal, but honest work.

More later; just saying hi to the blogosphere. So hi!