Video projects

O Noodly Night
A Starchmas carol exalting the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (lyrics and illustration by me; vocals and guitar by Luke Gattuso.)


Painting the Hulk
During a 365 artworks in a year project. A little watercolor magic.


It’s the End of the World
A 1980s cover song project: REM’s song, as might have been performed by renowned beat poet, William Shatner. Lyrics by Michael Stipe. Photography by … a friend.


Too much crap on my counter
My first stop motion project. Inspiration is everywhere.



Waiting on a Friend (Flash & Green Lantern)
My second stop motion project, starring stuff I had lying around. This was filmed back in the Jurassic period (before the Grant Guston and Ryan Reynolds universes). The Flash as Barry Allen created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino; John Stewart as Green Lantern created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams.

Rich Potter on Late Show with David Letterman
One of my career high points — screwing up on live television! It was a lot of fun though and provided Dave with a lot of material.


There’s more stuff on my YouTube channel; but it’s mostly just me juggling and making jokes and jumping around like an idiot. You know; everyday stuff.


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